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2007/08 Season at BLT

If you wish to book tickets for any production you can do so by clicking the title of the production. Alternatively visit the 'Tickets' section of the website for further details. Tickets for BLT's two festival productions (Dinner and Me & Jezebel) are bookable through the Festival Box Office (tickets are usually on sale from mid-March).

All productions start at 7.45pm (unless otherwise indicated).

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The Chalk Garden, by Enid Bagnold
Tuesday 30th October - Saturday 3rd November

Enid Bagnold lived for many years in nearby Rottingdean and it was the hard-to-cultivate garden of her house there that inspired this, perhaps her best known play.

The chalk garden, which totally defeats Mrs St Maugham's attempts to cultivate it, is symbolic of her failure with her daughter and grand-daughter. Plants, like human beings, need a sympathetic understanding she does not know how to give. Thus her garden is bereft of coveted flowers, her daughter Olivia is divorced, and her grand-daughter, Laurel, adopted after Olivia's re-marriage, riots in the bizarre atmosphere unchecked by a series of despairing companions. Then Miss Madrigal takes charge. With no references, and a lost past, both garden and Laurel begin to bloom under her care. But her good work is imperilled by a visit from Judge McWhirrey, an old friend of Mrs St Maugham.

A touching and dramatic play, The Chalk Garden promises to set the scene for BLT's new season.

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The Heiress, adapted by Ruth and Augustus Goetz from Henry James' Washington Square
Tuesday 11th December - Saturday 15th December

Adapted from Washington Square by Henry James, The Heiress is perhaps best known from the 1949 William Wyler film version, starring Olivia de Havilland, Montgomery Clift and Sir Ralph Richardson.

Catherine Sloper is a painfully shy girl, who stands to inherit a large fortune from her distant and emotionally detached father. She meets the charming Morris Townsend and is immediately overwhelmed by the attention that he lavishes on her, attention which she has never received from her father. When Catherine falls madly in love with Townsend, Dr Sloper tells her he will disinherit her if she marries Townsend, as the doctor is convinced that Townsend is only after Catherine's money.

Set in late nineteenth-century New York, The Heiress shows Henry James at his best and the sometimes misguided, but mainly well-intentioned, actions of his characters make this a gripping and emotional drama.

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My Heart's a Suitcase, by Clare McIntyre
Thursday 3rd January - Friday 5th January (3 nights)

Chris and Hannah, close female friends since their schooldays, come to stay for a weekend in Brighton in a once grand, but now empty and decaying, seafront flat.

Whilst there, they encounter Elliot, a down on his luck homeless man who has been squatting in the flat, and Tunis, the rich and confident wife of the flat's owner, who is everything that Chris and Hannah are not. Chris is also haunted by two imaginary characters. One is a young man called Pest, who is, in fact, a bad memory. The other, who is more mysteriously called Luggage, carries a suitcase and describes herself as 'the patron saint of heavy burdens'.

This award-winning play moves from comedy to high drama with ease, and has been described as a Look Back in Anger from a modern female perspective. The play has much to say about modern life, and seeing it should prove to be a rewarding experience.

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Barefoot in the Park, by Neil Simon
Tuesday 12th February - Saturday 16th February

What better show for our St Valentine's Day production than Neil Simon's classic story of two newlyweds moving into a new apartment in New York City?

Probably best known from the film version which starred Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, Barefoot in the Park tells of Corrie and Paul Bratter, a newly wedded couple who move into a tiny fifth floor apartment (with no lift) in Greenwich Village. Corrie is a high-spirited, uninhibited, individualistic modern woman, a 60s version of 30s screwball comedy heroines. Paul is a fastidious, buttoned-down lawyer. Add into the mix Corrie's well-meaning mother; Victor, the oddball neighbour; and a confused cable guy and you have the ingredients for a hilarious and heart-warming story of love and wedded bliss (or nearly!).

This would be the ideal night out for those of you who want a Valentine's date with a difference. And, if you're not coming with a date, Neil Simon will keep those February blues away!

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My Zinc Bed, by David Hare
Tuesday 25th March - Saturday 29th March

Set during the 'dotcom' boom of the late 1990s, My Zinc Bed looks at the relationships of three people locked together in a tight triangle, twisting under enormous pressures.

Victor and Elisa Quinn are an established marries couple. He is a rich and successful internet entrepreneur whom Paul, a young poet forced to work as a journalist to make ends meet, is sent to interview. Instead of publishing the interview, Paul goes to work for Victor. It soon becomes clear that all three are addicts. To alcohol, yes, but also self-pity and self-hate, especially in Paul's case. This can only get worse when he finds himself falling in love with the boss's wife.

During one summer, we see the three circle, attack and defend each other, whilst the 'dotcom' bubble bursts around them. Is Victor's company all smoke and mirrors? Is the same true for their relationships? This intense and powerful play won't necessarily provide the answers, but it will make you think about them.

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Saturday 3rd May - Saturday 11th May (8 performances)

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Me and Jezebel, by Elizabeth L Fuller BOOK THROUGH FESTIVAL BOX OFFICE
Tuesday 20th May - Saturday 24th May


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The Alchemist, by Ben Johnson
Tuesday 24th June - Saturday 28th June at Brighton Little Theatre
Monday 7th July - Friday 11th July at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall

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A Midsummer's Night Dream, by William Shakespeare
Tuesday 5th August - Saturday 9th August at Brighton Little Theatre
Wednesday 20th August - Saturday 23rd August @ Lewes Castle


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BLT Youth Group - Nicholas Nickleby
Friday 29th August(7.45pm), Saturday 30th August (3.00pm & 7.45pm)


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Hysteria, by Terry Johnson
Tuesday 16th September - Saturday 20th September


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